Position: Showroom Sales Staff 

Posted: April 2014

The Tile Gallery is expanding and seeking an experienced sales person. One of our junior sales people with a solid client list is relocating, making this an excellent opportunity for someone with experience in the tile and stone or design-related industry.

This position demands a person with strong organizational skills, superior attention to detail and the ability to move quickly to meet the demands of client needs in a sales environment. Although we do service the retail customer, the majority of our business comes through our relationships with our A & D clients. In addition to working with clients in the showroom, you will also be responsible for generating new clients via outside sales calls and presentations.

If you have experience in the tile and stone industry you will know that our business requires a great attention to detail. Although the design aspect is important, more critical to your success is the ability to stay focused and organized while handling multiple projects. The ideal candidate is a quick-thinker who can assimilate a lot of technical details and product information. As well as assisting the customer with product selections, you will also do rough construction take-offs, prepare estimates, track the jobs through production and coordinate shipping and delivery.    Strong computer and math skills are important. Organization, follow thru and the ability to juggle many projects at one time are critical for this position!

The Tile Gallery is known for its customer service. We are a well-run business that prides itself on our organization and attention to detail. Our customers know that they can rely on us to manage their projects and that we will be there to support them when they need problems resolved. The ability to move with grace and calm while in a chaotic moment is important. You must be able to multi-task and to accommodate several projects or customers simultaneously. A good attitude and good humor are critical to all of us enjoying our work.

Our showroom has a friendly, upbeat work environment and is a team-oriented organization. We work together to develop the business and to support each other’s efforts. As a group we are dedicated to doing our jobs well. We like collaboration and teamwork, and compensation is based on both an individual’s sales as well as the group sales volume.

The goal of The Tile Gallery is to expand and develop the business along while growing and developing each individual employee. A growing business requires employees that are also willing to learn and grow. We have a supportive work environment where ideas and suggestions from employees are welcomed and encouraged. In turn, employees are expected to participate in finding and implementing solutions to situations that arise in the course of doing business. My intention is that our showroom be staffed by employees willing to take 100% responsibility for the requirements of their position and to offer them commensurate reward and benefits.

Please send resume and cover letter to resume@tilegallerychicago.com